Speedwork (sic)

I picked up the The Primal Blueprint this week which I had ordered online after reading all the rave reviews. Unfortunately I absolutely hated the whole style of the book which deemed it necessary to impart small parcels of facts whilst contrasting an archetypal modern family vs one from caveman times. Anyhow a chapter on exercise highlighted short sharp sprints as being what our bodies used to do (to escape wild animals) and should therefore be an approach we ought to follow today. This information must have been lurking in the back of my mind when after prevaricating for most of the day about going for a run, I started my power walk about an hour before dusk. My lack of keeness manifested itself in a total inability to actual commence running so I decided that some short intense bursts might salve my conscience. I headed for the local playing fields which had 3 football pitches end to end. I then did sprint a pitch walk a pitch back and forth until I had accomplished 10 sprints. I quite enjoyed this and the length of a pitch was just enough to get my breath back before sprinting again. Of course calling it sprinting would be pushing it a bit but hey ho. I had pinched my other halfs Garmin Forerunner and the trace did give a nice visual representation of what I had been doing. Total mileage 1.5.

Sprint Trace


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