Mid-Week Run

I am determined to up my running miles so planned a mid week run after a meeting that I was attending in Leeds, popping into a disabled toilet at the venue I was attending and reappearing fully kitted out. I had settled on a nice looking run from a place called Spofforth along a disused railway track dubbed the Harland Way a few miles to Wetherby with the idea that I would run 40 mins on the outward leg and then return. Starting out was pleasant despite the freezing weather and flurries of snow and the route was mainly in a cutting so sheltered from the wind. The cycle route signs disappeared in Wetherby town centre so I ended up just running randomly through the town as blizzards swirled about my pace slowing even more with the change in surface to pavement. It was good to get back to the car just as it finally got really dark. Nearly 7 miles in total.

The Harland Way


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