Goals for 2016

Review of the Year and 2016 objectives

I commenced the beginning of January 2015 with my weight at 14 Stone 4 ½ Pounds and  a number of running goals. I think they were all reasonably achievable, though this was very much on the PROVISO that I got my weight down to a decent level.

In the event I only achieved one – finishing the Highland Fling. I had managed to get my weight down to 12 Stone something for this, and the lighter weight together with an absolute determination to finish after the previous years DNF meant I cruised quite easily through to the final cut-off point at Beinglas.

Alas, post fling my weight slowly inched up so that I was around the 13 Stone mark for the NDW100 and it crept up another few pounds by the time of the Amsterdam marathon in October. I really tried to keep my weight down but slowly things slipped and following the Christmas festivities I started the beginning of 2016 an unbelievable 1 pound heavier ! than last.

On to my objectives, quite simple, carry over all unmet objectives from last year with an alternative 100 miler, the SDW100 (my no. 1 goal) and the additional goal of a sub 4 hour marathon.

  • Under 4 hours in a marathon – The Windermere Marathon (May 22nd) looks a good option though I may go for the earlier Great Manchester Marathon (10th April) if I have got my weight down sufficiently.
  • Under 40 minutes in the Blaydon Races (June 9th)
  • Finish the SDW100 within the 30hr cut-off (June 11th-12th)
  • Chevy Chase under 4 hrs (July 2nd)
  • Great North Run under 1hr 30 min (Sept 11th)
  • South Shield’s Park Run – Under 20 minutes (any time)

I will also be doing the Highland Fling and most likely the Allendale challenge (Both April)


My 2015 Goals

A year to try an achieve some pb’s !

  • Under 20 minutes in the South Shields Parkrun – 5k anytime.
  • Complete the Hoka Highland Fling – 53 Miles April 25th.
  • Under 40 minutes in the Blaydon Races – 5.9 miles June 9th.
  • Under 4 Hours in the Chevy Chase – 20 miles July 7th.
  • Finish the NDW100 within the cut off of 30 hours – August 8th.

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