Souter Lighthouse and Back

Power walk to start with as I am determined to avoid running on any tarmac whatsoever after my calf muscle went after about 20 yards just before Christmas. Then got going down the superbly scenic leas owned by the National Trust that line the coast between South Shields and Sunderland. Unlike the other day my legs felt really weak. At one point a had quite a feeling of tightness in my chest and my mind drifted to wondering negatively to – a) Has eating 2 eggs for breakfast every day for over two weeks been wise maybe my arteries are choking on all the cholesterol,  b) Is my extremely low carb diet just leading my body to cannibalise my muscle, before ending on a more positive note of c) My body probably still hasn’t recovered properly from the 10 miler I did on Sunday. Distance 6 1/2 Miles or so.


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