First 10 Miler for a while

Today I did a 10 mile run starting out at c.3.30pm with a half decent shuffle on the outward leg followed by a not so fast shuffle on the return. The return was justifiably slower as it was dark and I couldn’t see where I was going until I diverted to run alongside a road (hard surface = slower) there was also a strong and bitterly cold headwind which impacted too.

To be fair, the bitterly cold bit wasn’t an issue as I was wrapped up with more layers than Scott of the Antarctic. More notable though was the fact that I had had no nourishment at all before setting out and suffered no weakness, lightheadedness or anything else. This fat burning thing is amazing now it has kicked in. I did have a reminder of the issues I face the night before as I finally succumbed to a mini carb binge consisting of two bags of crisps at c.11.00pm. Within about 20 mins my heart was going like the clappers which is, so I have read something to do with adrenaline kicking in to sort out some inbalance. Anyway a good result and not hungry at all this evening either.

18.1.15 Whitburn and Back

P.S. I use a small rucksack to carry provisions etc on longer runs but now wear it on any length run as I really need the waist strap secured to hold my belly in place.


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