A run to remember

Another trip down to Leeds and another opportunity to try a run somewhere a bit different. I knew I would be getting away a bit earlier so decided to head for the White Horse at Sutton Bank, the escarpment forming the western edge of the North York Moors with a particularly scenic section of the cleveland way running along the top. I got there for 3pm and despite clear and sunny weather in Leeds the escarpment was totally clagged in. C’est la vie I thought and climbed the 100 or so steps up from the carpark to reach the Cleveland Way Path (This nearly near enough killed me and I had to stop several times as I was feeling distinctly faint, no doubt a consequence of the virtual absence of carbohydrate stores in my body). Shuffling along I felt drained, with absolutely no energy but this is where the mindset of the long distance runner comes into play. “Imagine you are 80 odd miles into the NDW100 about to tackle Detling to Lenham, it will be pitch black, you will feel sh*te your body will be screaming at you to stop, but just keep going one foot after another, transend the physical and take your head to a higher plane”  This did seem to work and slowly the sun started to bore its way through the thick mist, suddenly bursting through to reveal a fantastic vista.  I was in awe and also extremely grateful for a reason to stop more than a few times to take some photos with  my phone.  Despite some muddy sections where I really needed trail shoes this was easily my best run so far this year. Just over 7 miles.



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