Pier to Pier Race

The Pier to Pier is an annual race between South Shields and Roker (Sunderland) piers.  The race used to tout itself as being 7.5 miles long, later amended to read about 7 miles long and with the advent of GPS watches has come the knowledge that in fact the course is approximately 6.88 Miles !

It is always a funny feeling going down to the beach that is 200 yds from ones house and joining approximately 1000 other runners who have arrived from all over the North East of England. Probably there is an element of pride in living so close to such a fantastic stretch of coastline.

Anyway off we went with my main objective to finish before my other half who is generally quicker than me over the shorter distances. There were a fair few stretches of lumpy sand as well as congestion at gates etc but I felt really good in just shorts and my Hoka Highland fling top. In no time at all I was approaching Roker pier and the finish. Fortunately I had managed to stay just in front of Lesley who came in a mere 37 seconds after me.  A result @ 61 mins exactly.

Pier to Pier 2015


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